Let's call it a night ... of endless fun:
Turn it on when it's happening. ACTIVAID Recovery is your herbal boost that turns your yeah into a YEAAAAAH - and a morning after without that dizzy head. Make ACTIVAID your last drink of the night!

Don’t worry about it:
The effective blend of Chlorella and other powerful ingredients ensures that the infamous last drink is not a killer. ACTIVAID Recovery gives you back the vitamins and minerals that your body lost during a long night of partying. And all that with pure natural ingredients and no artificial colours and flavours.

Bam-bam with yum-yum!
ACTIVAID Recovery is Rock'n'Roll for your taste buds too. Try it!


Like Erasmus said: Prevention is better than cure. ACTIVAID Recovery gives you both - taken before the party prevents your body from getting tired and drained too quickly, another shot before bed helps to replenish your reserves while you sleep.

Before After

By the way: ACTIVAID Recovery is not a ticket for boundless boozing. Please pay attention to your limits and drink responsibly while celebrating. ACTIVAID Recovery helps your body replenish its reserves, but it can not replace a balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. And most importantly: ACTIVAID does not reduce your alcohol level!