Can ACTIVAID completely prevent a hangover?

Everyone reacts differently to alcohol and breaks it down at different rates. ACTIVAID Recovery helps your body to get back into shape as quickly as possible, but it's a natural dietary supplement, not a magic bullet. But as long as you don't overdo it, it can help you alleviate your hangover.

Will ACTIVAID Recovery prevent me from getting drunk?

Unfortunately no, ACTIVAID Recovery doesn’t prevent intoxication. So don't get behind the wheel.

Is ACTIVAID Recovery gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan?

Yes, yes and yes.

Does ACTIVAID Recovery also taste "healthy"?

Don't worry, we don't want to spoil your appetite before the party. That's why we've made sure that ACTIVAID Recovery tastes great too. Just try it!

Can I take ACTIVAID Recovery while on medication?

Although we don't know of any side effects, we strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor first if you are taking any medication.

Does ACTIVAID Recovery need to be stored in the fridge?

No, you can store it at room temperature. But it does taste better chilled.

Do you have any tips on what else to do to prevent a hangover?

Eat something substantial before you start drinking and have some water between drinks and before bed.

When shall I take ACTIVAID Recovery?

For best results, drink a whole one before the party and another one just before going to bed with a big glass of water. That way it can help your liver recover while you sleep. If you miss the first one, you can also take 2 before bed. But remember, it won't help you much if you only have it in the morning, so make ACTIVAID Recovery your last drink of the night.

How often can I take ACTIVAID Recovery?

While we don't recommend that you celebrate every day, you can still take ACTIVAID Recovery daily. The ingredients like chlorella, milk thistle and turmeric are great for your liver as well as for your overall health.

Who developed ACTIVAID Recovery?

ACTIVAID Recovery was developed in Switzerland by a team of health conscious entrepreneurs. Watch this interview with one of them to find out more:

Where is ACTIVAID Recovery made?

ACTIVAID Recovery was developed in Switzerland and is being manufactured in a modern production facility in Austria. We take great care to guarantee the highest quality at every step of the manufacturing process, from the selection of ingredients to the production, bottling and packaging of the final product.

Where can I buy ACTIVAID Recovery?

Right here at our online store.

How fast is delivery?

We ship daily, so your order will be with you within two to three days.